Emma Deyn Therapy


My name is Emma Deyn.

I am a qualified Health Kinesiologist. I am also trained in Access Bars technique Emmett Technique and Lomi Massage. I live in Tebay on the edge of the Lake District.

I am available for session work from both Staveley Natural Health Centre near kendal, and from my home.

My loves in life outside my work are very much linked to the outdoors. If you follow me on face book you will see I am often out climbing or running, and usually with my dog Bella.

In my work I believe that sustained well being can only be achieved from an understanding and responsibility to oneself, but that we often need a bit of help and guidance in order to achieve this.  The session work i do is based around this concept.

The sessions are based on the understanding that emotional stress/trauma/ and outdated belief systems can be the root cause of many of our health issues.  We collect these beliefs from our parents, siblings, friends, people in authority etc. The events and traumas we experience often don’t just go away. They may have happened in the past, but Like mini tape recorders they can become stored in our subconscious mind and bodies. They alter the functioning of our cells, our tissues and internal organs, affecting our health and keeping us reacting to the past. This is why treating symptoms does not work in the long term, as it does not address the root cause of our issues, as they will just keep coming back time and time again based on what we believe and what we have experienced.

 The sessions work on identifying and releasing these destructive patterns, head chatter and energy blockages. I do this by helping you take the emotional stress out of these stored events, enabling you to move past them and to eventually be less of a victim of your subconscious mind. 

Environmental and nutritional issues also play a big part in your health and are taken into consideration. As this may be stopping you from healing and functioning well! For example electrical devices like microwaves, mobile phones and computers cause us health issues because of the EMF they emit. Also many of us struggle to keep healthy due to the lack of nutrition in our diets. Our soil is not as rich in minerals as it was, and our food contains antibiotics and pesticides. So often in order to be well, some supplement assistance is really valuable.

Throughout the session work you will receive explanations of the work that is being done, and why it has come up, as this helps you understand and become more conscious of what causes problems in your life, and helps you maintain awareness and helps you sustain your own well being.