Emma Deyn Therapy


In this website you will find information about the different types of session work that are available with myself Emma G Deyn. I am a Holistic Therapist based in the beautiful Eden Valley in Cumbria, and I offer a number of different therapies to help provide personalised support over a wide range of issues. Therapies available are Kinesiology, Emmett Technique, Crystal Therapy, and Access Bars. I also provide a Therapy service for pets, and do Geopathic Stress Surveys.

Sessions are based on each persons individual needs, and can include a combination of all the above, unless you would like a treatment from one particular modality.

For further information about the different Therapies used, or about myself Emma Deyn, and for prices and session locations, please take a look through the website, or contact me for more details.

Also please feel free to contact me by phone, email, or facebook. 

Please note some sessions such at Pet Therapy, Geopathic Surveys, and Emmett may be available from your home if in the Cumbria and Lancaster areas. So please ask about mobile sessions when you enquire about a booking.