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Geopathic Stress Survey

What is Geopathic Stress?

Geopathic Stress is a type of energy that is present in the land, that is not in harmony with human beings. It ultimately interferes with the healthy functioning of cell metabolism in our bodies when we spend time in areas of Geopathic stress. Geopathic Stress occurs from both natural and man made sources. Natural being underground water courses, earth grid systems and geologic anomalies or earth fractures. Man made sources could be electro-magnetic issues such as, power lines. Also areas where man has manipulated the landscape such as busy roads, motorways, train lines, quarrying and mining, and underground piping. Many centuries ago in a less populated world, mankind would have been more sensitive to these energies, and would have avoided these detrimental areas. Today when space is at a premium, very little, if no consideration is given to these energies, and houses are just built in areas that are financially viable.


How do I know if my home is Geopathically stressed?

You can look for a number of signs within your home. Certain rooms you don’t like to spend time in. Rooms that feel cold, even when heated. Unexplained damp patches or cracks in walls, that have no visible structural cause. Areas of the house where accidents often occur. Areas that a cat loves to spend time in (cats love Geopathic stress.) Areas that seem to be difficult to light, or have repeated electrical failure. Oddly twisted trees or plants in your garden or nearby.

How does it affect my health?

Depending on the strength of Geopathic stress in your home, symptoms can be anything from lethargy, tiredness, confusion, clumsiness. To inflammation, physical dysfunction, weakened immune system, slow healing, repeat infections. To MS, Cancer and heart disease.

Geopathic Survey

Geopathic surveys can be done either remotely, or by visiting the property. Surveys identify the problem areas within your property. Each area is marked on a detailed map, and graded in strength. (See the plan opposite) showing the route and the radius of the area of stress. An overall Geopathic stress level is given to the property, to show how strong the stress is within your home, for you to be able to gauge the long term effect it is likely to have on your health. Various solutions are then given for you to remedy the stress within your home. This may involve things like, sleeping in a different room, changing furniture or beds around. Adding a Geopathic stress device such as a Memon device. Adding plants, crystals, wind chimes, and additional lighting. Changing the colour of the room, or adding vibrational essences.

Plenty of different solutions are given, so you can pick the ones that are feasible for you to use. Then once you have put all your changes in place, the property is reassessed to see if your home is down to a safe level. If it isnt, then more adjustments will be recommended until this is done, at no extra cost.


Booking, preparations and costs.

You can choose from either a remote survey which costs £100, or a site visit survey, which costs £150 if you live within a 1 hour drive of the kendal/Penrith area. (An addition petrol charge would be added for outside this area). The difference in costs is due to the time travelling to and from the site, plus time spent on the property. Both are effective ways of surveying though.

To do a survey I will need written permission from yourself to do the survey. Your full address including postcode. A detailed plan of your home, that shows where furniture, mirrors, kitchen units, beds, baths sinks and showers are, as well as windows and doorways. Also I will need a plan of any outdoor space you have, and then photos of inside and outside the building, if the work is being done remotely. The more pictures you provide the more detailed the survey will be.