Emma Deyn Therapy


“Kinesiology sessions are a fantastic way of getting to the root cause of any health issues you have. They help you understand what is not working for you, and give you the tools and ability to change.”

Kinesiology itself is the sensitive technique of muscle testing. Where an arm muscle is used to question your body and measure stress responses.

Sessions are tailored to whatever issues you would like to work on. Issues can be anything, from physical to emotional. Nutritional to environmental. It can all be addressed.

During the session you remain fully clothed on a couch, or in a chair, if a couch is not comfortable for you. An arm muscle is used to tune into your energy system, and by applying a light pressure to the muscle, its response is monitored ( This is the Kinesiology part). A negative response is when arm muscle gives way in the presence of something that stresses your system. A positive response is when your arm muscle stays strong, showing that your system is not stressed.

Next using a combination of questions and muscle testing, I do an individual selection of corrections to help you with whatever we are working towards.

The corrections might involve thinking a particular phrase or words, to help with damaging belief systems or behaviours. Placing items on your body such as crystals, to bring in stability. Essences, or magnets to help move energy. Inhaling essential oils to help clear emotional trauma. Using your own hands to focus in on an area of weakness, to kick start a healing process. Using the frequency of sound, or placing energy cards on the body. There may be a need to check for issues around toxicity, or nutritional deficiency to help your body function better. What ever is needed in order to bring you to a place of well being.

The tools and methods used during the sessions are varied, because we are all individuals that require different work done, in order to achieve harmony in our bodies. There is no one thing to fix everyone. Even two people with the same health issue will likely have different causes and require different things to regain their health.

“Kinesiology is for the individual.”

Sessions are suitable for everyone from small children to the more elderly.