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Pet Therapy


How many of you have pets and wish you could find out exactly what your Pet needs to be balanced and well? To have help settling any funny behavioural issues, or help with getting their diet and nutritional needs just right? Maybe what you are feeding them is aggravating a problem, but you are not sure? Maybe they struggle sleeping, or being left? Perhaps you suspect their immune system isn’t good enough, and they have some health issues you are struggling to figure out?

If so then Pet Therapy sessions can help provide you with some answers. The sessions are similar to kinesiology work. By communicating with your pet, to find out exactly what they need in order to be healthy and balanced.

Its worth thinking about, how most of our pets live with us in our homes. Which is great for keeping them safe and warm, but they are also living in a modern and polluted environment. They often eat highly processed or tinned foods that could be tainted with food preservers and other chemicals. They might be surrounded by electrical devices…..mobile phones, computers, and WiFi. They might also live more sedentary lives than previous generations have done. So like us humans, they can also develop health issues from one or more of these things. Session work can help pin point any of these problem areas and provide sustainable solutions.

Whatever the issue though, Pet Therapy sessions are available to help any pet whether they are a Dog, Cat, Horse, Rabbit….etc. The sessions take place either from my home, or from your home if its not possible to transport your pet easily and stress free.

If you have any questions and would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email or phone.

Session start from £40.00.