Emma Deyn Therapy


My name is Emma Deyn.

I am a holistic therapist and I live in Tebay, on the edge of the Lake District.

My loves in life outside my work, are very much linked to the outdoors. If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram you will see I am often out exploring, and I love running, climbing and canoeing, and usually have my dog Bella with me.

In my work I believe that sustained well being can only be achieved from an awareness and responsibility to oneself, but that we often need a bit of help and guidance in order to achieve this balance. The session work I do is based around this concept.

It is also my personal belief that emotional and environmental stresses and trauma, are the cause of most of our health issues. Trauma can occur at any age and if not properly dealt with can affect our thoughts, behaviour, and physical bodies. Environmental and nutritional factors also play a big part in our decline in health. Our soil is not as rich in minerals as it used to be, and our bodies are subjected to chemicals pollutants, heavy metals and EMF, and geopathic stress can be present in our homes and work places too. All of these can have a negative impact and need taking into consideration to achieve a good balance of health in our lives. I have studied and taken many courses to help increase my knowledge on these subjects and you can see my qualifications listed below:

2002 – Certificate in Counselling levels one and two.

2010 to 2011 – Health Kinesiology KFRP

2011 – Assimilation Kinesiology part 1 and 2.

2011 – Intrusive Energies Kinesiology course.

2011 – Touch for Health foundation course.

2012 – Crystal Therapy IGCT.

2013 – Geopathic Stress surveying course.

2016 – Mindfulness diploma

2016 – Access Bars practitioner.

2016 – Hawaiian massage practitioner level.

2017 – Access Bars foundation Level.

2018 to 2019 – Emmett technique Practitioner.